How To Use Lucky Patcher APK – Full Tutorial

In the past week, we managed to get enough visitors on this site to make a small fandom of out ours. We’re glad about the mails you’ve sent us and we heard your requests regarding a more advanced tutorial about Lucky Patcher. Henceforth, this article shall be covering the more in depth aspects of application modding and its basics. Only follow the steps when you have the prerequisites ready; which will be taking a note of with priority.

Lucky Patcher Download Latest Version (Original)

System Requirements for Lucky Patcher

Lucky patcher is a very flexible program. It is designed to inherently get used to whatever device it has been installed in. This is the reason why the site boasts about its compatibility with every phone out there.

While its true in its own sense, there are few exceptions you might be interested in knowing of. The tool is based on JAVA + Python and is very snappy in functioning. But it has been often observed in its testings that phones with lower standards of hardware fails to portray its true capabilities. By any means, it does not mean that low-range to mid-range phones won’t support it, its simply conveys the message that such phones will not be able to harness its functionalities completely.

This might result in hiccups here and there while using it, but the tool will still be functional and you will be able to get more than enough out of it to make it worth installing it.

How To Use Lucky Patcher APK

So, what is the secret sauce we’re talking about here?

Is it coding knowledge that one must seek in order to master Lucky Patcher ?

Or is it some extraordinary piece of hardware that will exclusively give us what we desire?

The thing is, you will not be needing any custom commands to conduct a patching session with Lucky Patcher APK. All you require is a bit of good old set of instructions. Follow it and you will be good to go in creating your very own modifications in Android based applications.

  • Download Lucky patcher from the link provided in the main post
  • Locate the APK file and transfer it into a dedicated folder for itself. You can do that by using your native file manager or any other one.
  • Tap over the APK and start the installation process. In case it gives an error regarding it being an outside element, go to settings and enable “Third-party installs”. By doing this you will be good to go.
  • Allow the permissions it seeks before the completion of installation. Read all of them carefully and check all of them without fail.
  • Open the tool and select the apps you wish to modify
  • Use the patches mentioned there in order to make changes in apps natively on your device

The necessity of making changes in apps lies in the fact that we’re restricted from doing so. Keeping the admin rights protected not only keeps away our freedom of use of digital content, but also cages our imagination senses to into the walls of restrictions.

Tools like Lucky Patcher gives us the much needed control over the things we use on a daily basis. You can change the way Instagram, WhatsApp and even YouTube looks, feels and functions – making it your very own.


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